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Security audits

An ink! smart contract audit performed by our specialists provides the independent estimation of the code generated to implement the smart contract’s terms.

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Why does your project need an audit?

Because it’s an essential step for every product before launch to be sure the users, their data, and assets are fully protected.

We review, you benefit

Get a review from the experts

Experienced team who participated in ink! development and created breakthrough infrastructure products will scrupulously review your code and find all the possible problems.

Gain extra trust

Audited projects are more trusted by users, investors, and potential partners.

Implementation support

Our team will accompany you during the implementation of all recommendations, so you will have strong support after the audit process.

Avoid unexpected costs

Smart contract audit during the development phase will protect you from huge money and reputation losses after the launch. Solving code problems in the early stage is cheaper and faster than after the launch. A flawless reputation is vital.

Detailed report

After the audit process, you will receive a detailed report covering all the issues, a detailed summary, solving and implementing guidance

The process of ink! smart contracts audits

Audit reports

Reports are published by the customers approval



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Panorama Swap

Panorama Swap

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