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Brushfam onboards businesses into Polkadot by creating the necessary development infrastructure, auditing, and giving advisory to the development teams. With OpenBrush, Sol2ink and our suite of web3 products and services we make it easy to resolve real world problems using Polkadot tech.

Top web3 projects trust Brushfam

  • aleph zero
  • astar
  • web3foundation
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We are maintainers and experts in the most trusted and everyday-used by developers & businesses open-sourced infrastructure products in the Polkadot ecosystem

OpenBrush is a library for smart contract development on ink!. It provides standard contracts (based on PSP), as well as useful contracts and macros to help you build ink! smart contracts.

Is a tool for easy migration from Solidity to ink! and Rust, helps projects and teams migrate their smart contracts from popular Solidity to Polkadot`s ink!.

Was created to improve developers’ experience with deployment & integration testing of ink! smart contracts.

Services & Solutions

Our expertise will empower your business

For businesses looking to grow with using web3:

Web3 onboard

Looking for opportunities to grow your business? Web3 might be just the one you are looking for, either to expand to new market, increase revenue by creating a brand-new economy inside or just resolve the business problems that couldn’t be resolved before.

Brushfam is ready to identify your needs, brainstorm a solution, do R&D, create a roadmap and build the product. Gradually, we will teach your internal team and transform the process ownership to you. Or we can stay as your support hand on the advisory subscription.

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For Polkadot native companies:

Security audits

An ink! smart contract audit performed by our specialists provides the independent estimation of the code generated to implement the smart contract’s terms.

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Advisory subscription

Get access to the team that created OpenBrush, Sol2ink, Typechain and leads WASM ink! ecosystem. Move faster and with optimal expenses. With our top tech specialists providing constant mentorship, reviewing PRs, and helping hire new team members you will avoid architecture mistakes, time lost and sometimes fatal vulnerabilities.

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For VC/angel investors:

Investment diligence

Not every business idea results in successful company. With Brushfam we want to make sure the ideas you are investing your money in, are possible to be implemented and the startup’s team knows how to do it. We will analyze startup’s documents, code, talk to engineers responsible gathering all needed information. All of this combined with the wide-range experience our team has, will give us enough data to come up with a conclusion on the technical possibility of the idea and our impression of the team’s ability to have it implemented.

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For those onboarding from Ethereum:

Polkadot onboard

Looking to grow your total addressable market or upgrade your tech? With Sol2ink, being the automatic transpiler tool, the process of code transforming from solidity to ink! is just one click away.

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