About us

  • Brushfam is an ink! smart contracts expert and provides audits, tech advisory, and onboards businesses to Polkadot

  • We are a proactive team of visionaries, web3 builders, and Polkadot ecosystem leaders

  • We constantly work on ecosystem development by creating open-source infrastructure products and organizing events to extend ink! market

  • We accept and achieve the most complicated challenges and goals

  • Every team member is an expert in web3, ink! smart contracts and in own zone of responsibility at the same time: tech development, marketing, PR, business development, product development, finance, tokenomics, recruitment, etc.

  • We have an internal culture of constant growth through inner trainings and coaching

  • We are participants and speakers at various web and blockchain conferences

About us

Team members of Brushfam

Our team is known for its contribution to the Polkadot ecosystem. Our visionary attitude helps us think boldly and embrace technological challenges.

  • Markian Ivanichok


  • Dominik Krizo

    Head of Engineering

  • Yurii Yazupol

    Product Lead

  • Anatolii Osetsymskyi

    Senior Engineer

  • Artem Fomiuk

    Blockchain Developer

  • Oleksandr Tsaruk

    Blockchain Developer

  • Ivan Leshchenko

    Blockchain Developer

  • Olesia Arkhipova


  • Kyrylo Nagorny


  • Alexander Kaplaty

    Financial Advisor

  • Daryna Lyzenko


  • Alina Antropova

    Growth Manager

  • Volodymyr Bondar

    General Counsel

  • Matviy Matsipura

    UI/UX Designer

  • Illya Ovcharenko

    Head of BD